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It’s a tech-head’s worst nightmare. But it became reality for former Gizmodo employee and tech reporter Mat Honan last weekend, when his iCloud account was accessed by a hacker – who promptly wiped the content of his phone, laptop and Google accounts from existence.

The story has spread like wildfire over the internet, but local security experts say there is a lesson for business here.

“It demonstrates the integrated nature of everything,” says AVG security advisor Michael McKinnon.

“Whenever there are overlaps, or dependencies, this can happen. We have a case where once the attacker had access to one account, he was able to compromise several other accounts.”

The entire saga has been documented by Honan on his blog.

Honan noticed his iPhone went dead, rebooted and then asked for a four-digit PIN which he never set. Immediately, he found his Gmail password had been changed, along with the password for his iCloud account.

While Honan was on the phone to Apple, he found they weren’t able to stop his MacBook being wiped, or even give him a pin to access the device.

“In the space of one hour, my entire digital life was destroyed,” he says in a piece on Wired.

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