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There will be something for just about everyone in Bay Area companies’ earnings reports over the next few weeks. And this week, two of the most-opposite companies from the region will garner the attention of Wall Street and investors.

Facebook will deliver its second-quarter results after the close of trading Wednesday, and analysts have forecast the social-media giant to earn $1.12 a share on $9.2 billion in revenue. During the same period a year ago, Facebook earned 97 cents a share on sales of $6.44 billion. Mobile users and revenue from mobile ads will be main areas of focus, as well as the performance of Instagram and Instagram Stories ads.

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Looking to break out of a “messy” email situation, the nonprofit group dosomething.org recently switched over to a new way of communicating among its far-flung teams.

Moving most internal communications to the messaging application Slack with its “channels” for various teams made it easier to coordinate the group’s social change projects across 131 countries, said software engineer Joe Kent.

“All the teams have their channels and anyone can jump in and see what the others are doing,” Kent told AFP. “You can follow the conversation a lot more quickly.”

Slack, created in 2013, has become a leader in a crowded field of new applications aimed at helping workplaces move away from email.

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Facebook-owned smartphone messaging service WhatsApp has hit the billion-user mark, according to the leading social network’s chief and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“One billion people now use WhatsApp,” Zuckerberg said in a post on his Facebook page.

“There are only a few services that connect more than a billion people.”

Google’s free email service, Gmail, is the latest of the Internet giant’s offerings to crest the billion-user mark, chief Sundar Pichai said Monday during an earnings call.

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Apple TV is fantastic for playing games or viewing media. When it comes to text entry, the set-top box falls short. Next time you log into an app on your TV, it may be with Facebook.

Today, Facebook made an SDK available for Apple TV apps, meaning developers can allow users to authenticate themselves via a social log-in. The tvOS SDK is roughly the same framework as its iOS counterpart, making it fairly easy to implement, but uses Apple TV’s process of forcing you have to visit a website to verify your initial session.

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Ever seen a friend’s status update stick to the top of your facebook home page? Imagine if this is a post you would prefer to scroll on down the page and out of sight, as the facebook news feed used to do in the old days. Maybe it’s about how your favorite football team somehow went down to some pathetic unrated team, or it’s a “friend” hoping that by promoting product XYZ one more time, the sales will come flowing in, or it’s about how a certain somebody’s relationship status changed in a way that doesn’t exactly thrill you. Whatever it is, you want to just read it, then let it scroll on down and out of the page, but it sticks there. Hours after you first saw it, it is still there. You switch to your other open tabs, you click “Home” or refresh, and .. the post remains at the top of the page in every tab!

I prefer to see my facebook news feed sorted by “Recent stories first” rather than “Highlighted stories first”. I click “Recent stories first” every now and then, when I can remember it, and then older stories scroll on down and out of the way. But it seems to default to “Highlighted stories first” and to go back to that mode after a while. I’d like to say “Enough, facebook, let it scroll on!”

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