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A computer technician helps us repair and maintain computers. Please follow the steps below if you want to be a computer technician:

1. Take a PC Technician Course, like Comptia A+ Certification Course.

2. Try to get more knowledge in Computer hardware from other sources, such as those books on computer hardware and IT magazines.

3. To get more experience, fix computer problems by yourself.

4. Try to be a polite computer technician all the time. By doing so, you will give most people a good impression, and you will also become their hero if you fix their computer problems successfully.





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If your computer is now having a problem, and you need a Computer Repair Professional to fix it, so how are you going to properly describe your computer problem to that Computer Repair Professional in order that he or she really knows what the actual problem of your computer is.

Please get some tips below:

1. Prepare yourself how to describe your computer problem before calling the computer repair person. If you do this, you will spend less time to explain what your computer problem is on the phone.

2. Tell the problem of your computer to the computer repair person as much detail as possible.

3. Speak slowly and politely to the computer repair person what your computer problem is.

4. Please make sure that you are calling from a quiet place if you are explaining what your computer problem is over the phone. A noisy place will not help you describe your problem more clearly.

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Microsoft将在2014年4月8日后,不再对Windows XP作业系统以及Office 2003软体提供任何更新。目前还是Windows XP和Office 2003的使用者就要在4月8日这一天来临之前,安装新的作业系统和办公室软体,以避免到时系统会出现安全性和稳定性的问题。

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WordPress can be used to create a website. Please read the 10 reasons below to know why you should use it to build your site:

1. We can use WordPress for free, so this means that we can use it to build the website we want without paying any costs.

2. WordPress is quite user-friendly. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge in HTML codes when using WordPress for building your website.

3. WordPress has a huge themes collection for free. Finding a right, free theme that suits your needs is not a difficult thing.

4. There are many open-source plugins supporting WordPress. You can easily install a plugin for a specific purpose in WordPress when you need it.

5. WordPress meets the standards set by the group named “W3C” (W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium. This group is working to standardize the Web).

6. WordPress is quite easy to be upgraded from a previous version, and we can also easily move our sites from other services over to WordPress.

7. WordPress has a strong spam protection. It can use those built-in tools, like an integrated blacklist and open proxy checker, to manage and remove comment spam on your blog.

8. WordPress platform is very Search Engine Friendly.

9. WordPress has Web 2.0 functionality.

10. We will have more access to support forums and Q&A sites.


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If you want to work in IT networking field, it is better for you to get the CCNA certification, but why CCNA certification? Please know the reasons below:

1. CCNA is an IT certification which is globally accepted.

2. CCNA certified professionals can get a high pay job.

3. Nowadays we have more CCNA jobs in the world.

4. CCNA certification will help you increase your knowledge in networking.

5. You will have a big chance of getting a promotion if you have the CCNA certification.

6. A CCNA certified professional will gain respect among the coworkers due to his/her good skill and intellectual capability.

7. Networking skills are becoming more and more important in the development of Internet.

8. The knowledge in CCNA will be helpful for studying other networking courses, such as CCNA security and CCNA wireless. If you have other networking knowledge, it will be more better for you to work in the networking field.

9. CCNA certification can help you move from existing job into computer networking job.

10. The knowledge in CCNA can help you solve more networking problems.


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How much could you make as a product manager at Twitter? Or as a copywriter? An engineer?

According to JobHintz general manager Carla Olson:

Most of Twitter’s new requisitions are in software engineering, reliability and product management. A typical job, experienced Software Engineer, pays between $100,000 and $125,000 per year. This is quite comparable to industry standards.

The data from JobHintz indicates that a typical product manager would make between $120,000 and $160,000 salary, and reliability engineers can expect to make up to $135,000.

Read more at http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/twitter-employee-salaries-revealed_b13246

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When my Internet cut out unexpectedly last weekend, I found myself pacing my living room before I finally decided my time would be better spent doing the dishes, mopping the floor and vacuuming — you know, all those things I rarely get around to doing when I have TheAtlantic.com to distract me. Except when my router fails, I am always connected to the Internet, accessing it through laptops, a desktop, a smartphone and loads of other devices.

And I’m not alone. We all have so many iThings now that the number of devices connected to the Internet was actually greater than the total number of people on Earth in 2008. By 2020, according to infographic released by Cisco, there will be 50 billion things connected to the Internet. That’s all of the devices I’ve already mentioned, but also some more unusual ones, like cows.

Read more at http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/07/infographic-the-internet-of-things/242073/

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