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For those of us who are used to facebook’s filters, google+ circles might be confusing at first, because they are subtle differences between it and facebook.

On facebook, A and B have to be mutual friends for anything from A to get in B’s news feed and vice versa (exception: you can also subscribe to public posts of someone who is not a facebook friend; then, you can see their public posts). Furthermore, the sending side can control what goes out, by specifying to which lists it goes to.

On google+, you don’t have the “mutual friend” concept. So when A adds B to 1 or more circles, A’s posts go to B (provided B is in one of the circles that will receive the post; this can be thought of as the “filter” on the sending side). There is also a “filter” on the receiving side, which is based on whether B has added A to any circles or not. If B has not added A to any circles, any posts from A that make it through A’s filter will arrive at B’s stream, but B will probably not see it unless B has added A to a circle (actually, B can see it by clicking on Incoming, but how many people regularly do that?). In other words, it will only go in B’s main stream if B has added A to 1 or more circles. Now, how about B’s posts? If A adds B but B doesn’t add A to any circle, then B’s posts are not going to A’s stream (based on the sending side filter, in this case, the sending side being B).

A simple way to remember things with google+ : circles are primarily sender-side oriented. So, if you want to increase the chance of more people seeing your posts, add more people to your circles. And just because you are in someone’s circles, doesn’t mean they are seeing stuff you post (unless you add them)

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Check out the inside of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8.9 without having to dismantle yours! See here http://www.techrepublic.com/photos/cracking-open-the-samsung-galaxy-tab-89/6327263?tag=nl.e101

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‘With upgrades that cater to business and professional users, Google+ may be causing some raw nerves at LinkedIn. “The professional functionality of G+ combined with search and the new features being added could allow it to surpass LinkedIn as a professional social networking platform and tool in the future,” said William J. Ward, social media professor at Syracuse University.’

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