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Archive for November 16th, 2015

Microsoft confirmed this weekend that it has delayed–if not killed entirely–a tool designed to make it easy for Android apps to run on Windows 10 phones and tablets.

Dubbed Project Astoria, the effort was unveiled in April as part of an aggressive but risky plan to get developers who write for Android, iOS or the Web to bring their programs to Windows. Developers had begun to raise questions, though, as the tool was never released publicly and Microsoft had stopped talking about it.

Microsoft confirmed to Re/code this weekend that it was not moving ahead with Astoria as planned, but a representative declined to say whether Astoria was delayed, on hold, or being scrapped altogether.

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Using the Facebook “Safety Check” feature, people in the Paris-area were able to check-in, alerting those in their network they were okay by a click of a button.While many were thankful for the feature after the Paris attacks, others pointed out the feature had not been turned on for other recent violence, specifically, the twin suicide bombings on Thursday that struck a southern Beirut suburb in Lebanon. The bombings killed at least 43 people and wounded many more.

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