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February 2013
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So, an email with this image came across my junk mail folder. There are a lot of things Sony could talk about on February 20th, barely 2 weeks away. However, this Twitter tag: #playstation2013 only fuels the fire about Sony announcing the next PlayStation.

Will they announce the PS4 then? No one knows, but with the spin cycle in full swing, everything points to the company announcing their next console. Sony did announce their handheld console, the PlayStation Vita at the end of January 2011. It goes along with Sony’s MO – announce their upcoming console and get the masses salivating like a pack of Pavlov’s canines. Sony will show it off at E3, then release it later this year. A few games that were expected to be on the PS3 were likely slated to hit the PS4 instead. So, the follow-up to “Shadow of Colossus,” “ICO” and yes, “Last Guardian” will likely find a comfy home on the new console.

Let’s dig deeper and make a few informed speculations about the new console.

First, if proven true, Sony’s PS4 announcement on February 20th means Sony … knows getting out of the gate first is a winning strategy. This generation, Sony has edged Microsoft in overall sales – latest figures here but is still in second place behind the Nintendo Wii. For a console maker that dominated last generation, a second place spot isn’t something to brag about. Sony, realizing how important being first really is, has decided to get out the gate first next generation, which apparently starts later this year.

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