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Archive for April 9th, 2012

Twitter is known as one of the commonly used social media firm which offers people all over the world with one-to-many text messaging service. But recently, it has filed a lawsuit in the US Federal court stating that few spammers are trying to hinder in the operations of their social media website. Read more HERE

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PETALING JAYA, Malaysia – Children must be taught from very early to practise safety habits when travelling in a vehicle, said psychologist Karen Goonting.

“The earlier you start teaching them, the better the chances that the safety culture will be instilled in them,” she told The Star. Read more HERE

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What do you get when you integrate Nokia’s game-changing PureView imaging technology with its Lumia devices? Well, the leaked concept images may provide interesting insights of what to expect from Nokia and Microsoft in the near future.

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NVIDIA has big plans for Tegra as it hopes to increase its stake in the mobile devices market and according to leaked spec sheets, the next-generation Tegra chips, codenamed “Wayne”, will see no less than four different models catering to different categories of devices.

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Captchas are simultaneously the greatest and worst things ever invented.

CAPTCHA is short for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. The term was coined in 2000 at Carnegie Mellon University,where these little challenges you face when you try to do something on a web site were born.

The idea is to build a test that proves you’re a human, not a machine, by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.

That’s essential, in a world where bots (no relation) are trying to take over everything on the Internet that involves money. Read more HERE

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