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Archive for April 6th, 2012

There’s been no shortage of rumors surrounding Apple’s fabled television set. The latest of these comes from Jefferies and Co. analyst Peter Misek, who increased his Apple price target to $800 on “new information” about the product.

According to Misek, Apple’s HDTV will in fact be called the iPanel, and Apple will be building 5 million units in May. He also says it’s more than  just a television. 

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At VentureBeat’s Mobile Summit event today, very few panelists mentioned the impact that Windows Phone was having in the mobile world. But that clearly changed the minute Nokia exec Hans-Peter Brøndmo got on stage to chat about the future of the company and its crazy 41-megapixel camera-phone Read more HERE

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The latest smartphone from Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer HTC is hitting the right chord with reviewers as they get their first hands- and ears-on with the device.

The handset is called the HTC EVO 4G LTE(picture) (as opposed to the HTC EVO 4G which was launched in 2010) and sports a large display, advanced camera features and high quality voice technology.

Gizmodo dubbed it “One Serious Piece of Slick” and went as far as to say “it might just enter the market as the best Android phone money can buy.” Engadget said its HD Voice experience — a feature that improves the quality of voice communications using dual microphones and special encoders — was “impressive.” BGR said that it’s “a cut above almost every device currently on the market, it doesn’t quite recapture the magic created by the EVO 4G, which was among the first of its kind.” Read more HERE

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We can insert emoticons while typing a message on the iPad running iOS 5. We have to add the Emoji keyboard to the iPad before we can use those emoticons.

Please follow the steps below to add the Emoji keyboard to the iPad:

1. Tap the ‘Settings’ app.

2. Tap ‘General’.

3. Tap ‘Keyboard’.

4. Tap ‘International Keyboards’.

5. Tap ‘Add New Keyboard’.

6. Tap ‘Emoji’.

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Last month, I posted to let developers know that we were aware of some of the challenges that were present in running the Windows Phone SDK on the Consumer Preview of Windows 8. In that post I mentioned that we were working on addressing those problems. My colleague Cliff then followed up with the announcementof the release of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 update, which does unblock the use of our SDK on Win 8, (although not officially supported). Read more HERE

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The Google Books project (just today pared down a bit) always impressed me with its sheer scope. Offering modern e-books is all well and good, but that’s more of a business problem. It’s the scanning and free availability of thousands upon thousands of old books that struck me as a worthwhile endeavor. Read more HERE

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